Advantages of Front Load Washers
May 28, 2022

Front Load Washers.

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And before you go on about how they are not as good as top load washers, here is a short list of advantages to front load washers that we would love to talk to you about when you come to visit one of our three stores

1. Energy Efficient

2. Eco-friendly

3. Saves money over time

4. Good for large loads

5. Clothes get cleaner

6. Good for compact spaces

We found an article that explains all of these in detail, adding a couple quotes from the article
“Most of what people hated about older front-load washers has been fixed (or was never actually true to begin with).”

“They’re better at cleaning. Every controlled test shows that front-loaders remove more soils from fabric than top-loaders. Consumer Reports gives an Excellent mark for wash performance to more than 30 front-loaders. Only a single top-loader earns that same mark. At
, front-loaders dominate the rankings as well. At the time of writing, the best top-loader finally appears at number 34 on its list of the best washers”

Article can be found at…/should-you-get-a-front-or…/

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